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Amazing experience!

The only thing better than the weather in southern Spain is the group of instructors at Zero Gravity that taught us to fly in it. A heartfelt thank you to Jose, Pablo, and Luisma, for keeping us safe and working overtime to ensure that we got the most out of the experience. Awesome couple of weeks, and I’m heading home a club pilot! -Ryan Winfield

It Consulting

We had a fantastic week with great weather and fantastic instuctors. Incourse 1-2 we made 9 soloflights in one week. Tank you
all in Zero Gravity!

Anders Hollman
1Line AB

I will come back!

I have had the dream of learning to paraglide for along time. I decided to save time and do a complete EP & CP together and I found Zero Gravity. I was so lucky to have chosen them because Jose, Luisma and Pablo are fantastic pilots and brilliant instructors. I can’t thank them enough, they are very professional and taught myself and all the guys with me to a high level. We flew more than was required which I really appreciated. I have come away feeling confident in my awareness of safety and flying abilities. I will return next year to fly with you again.

Never better

After two weeks with Zero Gravity I can conclude that it would have been hard to get more para-time anywhere else, nice atmosphere included!


Amazing flying, extremely good instructors

After four years of break in paragliding I decided to start again by doing a beginner’s course with Zero Gravity in March 2017. Jose, Javi and Pablo are very good and competent instructors and their method for beginners to start early with tandem flights in combination with ground handling and solo flights in easy conditions is super motivating. I had a very good learning curve in just a few days – and always felt save with those guys! I enjoyed the way of Jose, Javi and Pablo in emphasizing the important – and safety relevant - points of paragliding together with the main point: paragliding is fun! The organisation of the trip starting with shuttle service to and from Malaga airport, the accommodation, theory and flying lessons, and dinners was perfect.
Algodonales is a nice village with super bars and restaurants – and the prices are low even for Spain! The surrounding area is picturesque with numerous flying spots for different wind and weather conditions. In summary, it was a super trip and I can just recommend to book a course with Zero Gravity.

Martin Huber

Professional -great support & fun

Good organisation made sure we got in the air as much as possible -despite the wind! Some amazing flights left me wanting much more so will definitely be back.

Thanks Jose & Pablo for your dedication and patience
in trying to teach us to be birds.

Ciao for now


Nick Boyd

Lifetime experience

Have attended 03-10 September¨16. Great CP+ week despite temperature of 40+ degrees. In average two flying hours per day accompanied with vultures. A lot of patience from Pablo and Jose, amazing experience.



After taking my first course in March of 2015, I knew I had to come back this year for L3. Zero Gravity and the crew here are amazing! José is an amazing instructor, and many thanks to his unmatched feedback and to his staff. The incomparable Pablo is definitely the guy you want supporting you everywhere. Thanks guys for an amazing time this year! Lots of flying, soaring, long flights in my main glider and my speed wing. Amazing!

Eugenio de Castro (aka Gino)

To live is to fly

I've always dreamed of flying.
It was my childhood passion. It was my grown up dream.
It was just something out of my reach, for many years. I tried to pursue it - with simulators, games, and eventually with real aircraft. Never did it fulfill my desire until -
I booked a 2 weeks course at Zero Gravity to try paragliding.
I didn't jump into the sports blindfolded, my coworker recommended to try it. And he praised it.
He was not wrong. Training with you guys is easy, safe, and effective.

It was an exhausting 2 weeks, but probably the best 2 weeks of my life so far.

I could not think of a better way of spending time than with you.

I don't have to dream about flying anymore, now I can fly.


Kimmo Ilppoa

As Arnie says I'LL BE BACK

Our group has just returned from a week of x/c training with Jose and Pablo. I can honestly say it has exceeded all my expectations, I'm sure I also speak for the rest of the group when I say that nothing was too much effort for Jose. Whether it was retrievals or tuition.
As Arnie says I'LL BE BACK

Hector Piercey

Professional, safe and Fun

Just back from a level 1 &2 course with Jose and Pablito. It was most enjoyable and a great place and people for your first introduction to Paragliding. Equipment was top class and all the instruction and tution was delivered in a way as to make it exciting and interesting. I would have no hesitation in recommending them

I always felt safe

In order to improve quickly, I decided to take all paragliding beginner courses and booked for two consecutive weeks (stages 1-3).

After two days of tandem flights and some ground handling exercises, I had my first solo flight from approx. 600 m a.b.s. It was one of most intense and impressive experiences in my life. On day five I was already able to soar for 45 min.

On my last day I could stay for 1,5 hrs in the air 400 m above the ridge, flying with a vulture to my right side and having an amazing 360° panorama view.

I came to the paragliding school "Zero Gravity" with high expectations. These have been exceeded by far. My heartfelt thanks to Jose, Pablo and Alberto for the professional care and training!

I always felt safe under your supervision and I will be back!

Berlin / Germany

Kurt Soelter

Full confidence in Jose

I spent two weeks in Algodonales watching my husband and the group fly. It was great to hang around and be part of the paragliders' group. The environment is really beautiful, people friendly and Jose and Pablo extremely skillful. Having always felt acrophobia I was sure I wouldn't fly but finally I had a tandem flight with Jose at the Atlantic coast. It was about crossing my limits. I simply had full confidence in Jose. The feeling was amazing and the flight was just fantastic! Thank you, Jose! And thank you both, Jose and Pablo, for joyful and relaxing days with you. And thank you, our amazing group: Sean, Wiola, Rob, Thomas, Yuzi, Ignas, Johan, Jerome, Kjell, Paul, Mike, Joonas and Hannu. You are the best.
Leena Kukkonen

Leena Kukkonen

This service is attractive to a XC pilot.

A morning briefing about today's climate condition explains possibility of the cross-country. Even if we do not understand English for explanation, it is possible to understand the briefing because of watching a image of the Internet. The stuff choose the best area on the day, it is possible to make a flight. All pilots go to the same area. Therefore, we can fly in the areas or can do cross-country.
It is common sense to choose the landing place where it dose not bother a person. It is not difficult to look for a place to land because it is a flat land. The support after a landing is good. We inform the staff of latitude longitude and the road of the name by SMS on the mobile telephone. We walk to a main road. Then they come to pick up by car. I bought an SIM card in Spain to know a road name on the google map and a latitude longitude by a smart phone.
I chose the course of May. It seems to be from 14:00 to 17:00 is a suitable time for XC. We returned to the accomodation approximately after 20:00. The staffs are very openhearted. I could have a wonderful time with the staff and other pilots. I would like to say thank you.


Y. Maeda

be the holy jezus,be gora be gora

Best experience of a lifetime, Jose and Pablo hit all the right notes, done Para Pro Satge 3 on a return course to Algodonales and found the beginners course which was run in tandem... ha ha... was a great refreshing experience. Para Pro Stage 3, was a bit more entebce and the guys encourage you to excell. No regrets here, will be back.

anthony o connor

Zero Gravity is the way to go!

Loved everything about my course 1-2 this past March. Thank you Jose for all your wisdom, input and patience, and also the amazing instructors Pablo and Alberto. I am looking forward to my course follow-up in September. Blue skies and good winds to you in Spain! Highly recommend ParaglidingSpain to anyone. It is the place to go and learn paragliding for all the good reasons, beautiful place, fantastic weather, amazing food and wine, but most of all the people behind Zero Gravity Paragliding.

Eugenio de CAstro

Forth Trip to Algo

I just completed my forth trip to Algodonales with Zero Gravity and it's been fantastic as always. Jose and Pablo were great hosts and I always learn a huge amount from them. I can't stop thinking about about my next trip with them in 2015!

Matt Curgenven

Great trip!

Just finished para1 and 2.still buzzed. Am 52 years old (shush) and found the course was exactly what i thought. If like you have a genuine fear of heights this is for u. Slowely slowely no pressure. Guys Pablo and Jose are calm and understanding with slow guys like myself. My advice is go for it. Its a nice way to stay in a village in the spanish mountains and although you get your own space in the accomadation you are part of a group. Village resturaunts are cheap cheap cheap.Again go for it. Bollox you only live once. A paddy

anthony o connor
athlone risk managemeny


What an nice trip that was. I did the low airtime pilot course and had a really nice time. With 7 pilots ranging from absolute novices to experience free time pilots we managed to fly an enjoy the thermal flying . Jose knew exactly where to go. The tandem flight with Jose was a marvel, specially when I thought we were going to land and Jose decided to go back up to the take-off, really amazing.
The new pilots got in 10 days as much flying as I did in 2 years ! Truly recommended.

Jos Vissers

Back to flying

When, after more than 10 years break in paragliding, I started to look where would be the best to refresh my rusty flying skills, and escape "harsh" New Zealand winter for a while at the same time, pretty few options appeared around: Australia, California, Hawaii, Chile, Spain, ...

After meticulously weighting all pros and cons, eventually my choice fell on Zero Gravity - everything looked good here: the course I needed, the location, the accommodation and small group size, prompt replies on my enquiries, the deal, ... So I booked "Low airtime pilots" course with Jose Ramon and his great team and, at the end, it turned to be even better than I anticipated. Besides of effective flying experience, there was much of pleasure of been in beautiful Andalusia and with an interesting and friendly team of mate pilots.

Alexander Ianovski
New Zealand

An Amazing Experience

I've just completed the two week (para pro stages 1,2, 3) with José Ramon and the Zero Gravity team, and to put it simply, it was outstanding!! The level of expertise both in the theory lessons and the flight instruction is top notch. José's knowledge and 23 years of active flying provide an excellent platform for beginners. He is fully committed to making sure that each and every student, regardless of their level, gets as much soaring time, ground handling practice and individual advice and feedback. Both José and Pablo are always available and willing to help and improve your knowledge.

The gear provided by Zero Gravity was in immaculate condition and was very well maintained (gliders, harnesses etc).

The accommodation (especially the pool) was fantastic and all other logistics were well taken care of.

I can't recommend these guys enough. It was brilliant.


Ethan Knight
New Zealand

Another excellent week in Algo

This was our second year visiting Zero Gravity, and again had a great time. Jose and Bea hosted us superbly, and guided us expertly over our week. I would strongly recommend Zero Gravity for pilots of every level of experience, as all are treated with respect, and will get the most out of the great flying sites at Algo and the surrounding area.

We have already booked to return in 2014 - this time for a fortnight!

Iain james

great time!

We spent a fantastic time flying this February with Jose during a week for Low Airtime Pilots. Jose is a very friendly person, great pilot and experienced instructor. Accommodation was nice, flying sites very different, for all sorts of meteo conditions. February was a month with mild conditions, but even then we were able to spend on average 1.5 hrs in the air every day, only landing to warm up! I’m coming back as soon as I have another opportunity.

Ekaterina Kinsht

Two amazing trips!

My time with Jose and Beatriz in completing both the EP and CP course in Algodonales was fantastic. Their tuition has been central towards my progression and they have shown great patience and a huge depth of knowledge.

Algodonales is a stunning place and the school flies from a large selection of sites. During the two courses I was lucky enough to experience thermalling with eagles and buzzards and ridge soaring along what felt like endless dunes off the South Coast.

Unlike the unpredictable weather here in the UK, we completed a large number of flights during the courses owing to the stable conditions of the area.

I am now looking to book a Low Airtime Course with the school to further my learnings!!!

Matt Curgenven
United Kingdom

Great people, great experience

I had such a good experience I would love to go back for the next course immediately. If only the wife would let me out again... Martin from Ireland

Martin Joyce

Clear instruction

Had a really great time with Jose.

Originally went down for a week in early January 2012 but the weather was disappointing. Still managed to get 6 flights in only two half days! The instruction was clear and the instructor calm and confident. You just know that he has had hundreds of pilots through. I was a very nervous pilot when I went down and even though I had done a number of courses (paramotor courses) over the years I had very little confidence and very few flights. I went back to Jose in Feb 13 and had an absolute ball. The training is incremental with each lesson built on whats previously been learned but you dictate the pace. That was the trick for me. Jose used the Clemente paramotor which looks exactly like the H&E R120 that I own. I brought my own glider, an ITV Boxer but he has an appropriate selection of gliders for whatever your weight or skill level. I let him decide. My confidence grew, slowly at first, but over the two weeks it massively grew. I’v done more flying in the last month than I did in the last 10 years of trying, breaking props and disappointments. I have no hesitation in recommending ZeroGravity and Jose.

Michael Hastings

Great experience!

I had high expectations for this the Para Pro 1/2 course but it managed to surpass my expectations! Jose and Javi were really good instructors and gave very clear instruction and advice for every aspect. Instruction via radio was perfect and they let us make more and more decisions as we progressed. The took us to 2 different locations for hops and 4 different sites for our proper flights. I would highly recommend this company and hope to come back for more in the near future.

Joan Ryan

Very good instructors 🙂

A very nice experience. I would probarbly go back for the level 3 or paramotor course.
The instructors Jose and Javi were in my oppinion very proffessional and good instructors.

They were very nice, patient and gave good and honest feedback to the students.They gave us gradualy more challinging task so we learned fast but safely.
The hotel we stayed in was ok, except there was not aircon or a fan in my room so it was way to hot in August, and the wifi did't work inside the hotel, only in the classrom.

Sten Finne, Norway

Sten Finne

Guided Holidays

Been in November on a XC & Guided holidays program. We were three of us just out of a flying school with a fresh paragliding licence. They let us fly alone as it was our wish.
But they were there with a group of local student giving us advices about take-off and landings sites. We were also in radio contact with Jose or Bea at all time in case we needed it. So it was just as expected and will go there again for sure. Accommodation well organised and Algo city so nice especially Pepe's bar!

Christophe Raduly

Great tuition people experiences and flight 😀

Right from the first days training Jose and Beatriz give a reassuring professional knowledgeable air about them, even before you get to see there absolute mastery of the paraglider itself, the level these guys fly at is ridiculously high , which hopefully you'll get to see first hand if you take the plunge! Myself and 2 friends had an amazing introduction to paragliding feeling at all times that safety is paramount and you always feel that no matter what the guys will always know what to do and tell you in simple precise and easy to do actions, by 3 days in you'll be tackling high take offs with confidence in yourself and your instructors...we have all booked to come back and do the CP course in September which cannot come fast enough, the village the people around Algodanales the vibe and the whole package was above anything I expected i'm still glowing with amazement at the feeling of being in the air safe and getting great flight times and confidence building tuition, cannot recommend enough thanks guys for a great experience!

keith sherratt

Great Flying with a Great Team!

We flew with Zero Gravity as part of a UK based group in autumn 2012. Algodonales offers a world class flying environment suitable for all levels of pilot ability and ambition. Jose and his team at Zero Gravity have the local knowledge and experience to really make the most of the place whether it be XC, coastal soaring or hill flying. He will get you in the air when others have given up! Our accommodation in Algo was excellent – spacious and close to the centre of town. We are going back in 2013!

Iain James

Beginners course

From being picked up at the airport to returning to the same airport, the time spent with Jose and his VERY professional team was a fantastic experience.
I was extremely comfortable with every aspect of the training given and cannot fault my time in Angodonales at all.
If you are considering paragliding, Jose and his staff are the best to work with.

Malcolm Wood

Professional & Dedicated Paragliding Training

I went to Spain in mid-May to do the Elementary Paragliding course. The training was for six days, and the first three days were excellent. Jose and his team are very professional, know what they are doing and are good teachers. They are well organised, too, and do their best to help you whatever level you are at. The accommodation in the village was fine, although the swimming pool pictured in the website was empty. The weather got bad on day four and sadly it was not possible to complete the course. However, I would go back if I got the chance and highly recommend Jose, Zero Gravity and his team.

Marese Hickey
Rep. of Ireland

The best way to spend a week

Easily the best way to spend 2 weeks of your life I can imagine. Living in an awesome little town where the beer costs nothing, surrounded by new friends and the greatest invention of all Tapas! The instructors were amazing, the flying sites were so epic that we all had to keep pinching our selves to make sure we weren't actually asleep. I made a little video if you want to see what the flying is like. Can't recommend it enough!!!


Nathan Root


Zero Gravity comes highly recommended by my paragliding instructor in UK! I've now enjoyed two brilliant paragliding holidays in Algodonales direct with Zero Gravity and have already booked my 3rd trip with them for later this year (2013). Jose, Bea and Javi (the instructors) provide an excellent, friendly and fun paragliding school where the weather has always been perfect for flying every day. Accommodation is great value for money and Jose provides all transport including to and from Malaga airport! Algodonales is a wonderful, beautiful, rural, sunny destination with great local food and plenty of Spanish cafes and bars to enjoy a couple of refreshing drinks after a great day out in the surrounding hills! I cant recommend Zero Gravity enough! Anyone frustrated by the English weather will find the perfect alternative with Zero Gravity where you can fly to your hearts content under the expert supervision of Jose and his team. I have learned more about paragliding in one week in Algodonales than a month of wet Sundays in UK. If you are looking for the perfect paragliding holiday then Zero Gravity is the place to be!

Graeme Stephenson

An Andalucian Paragliding Experience

Breathtaking landscape, traditional Spanish food,and friendly professional instructors. The mountains were amazing, its the first thing that you notice when you get to Algodonales. The night life consisted of real Spanish food and drink with the locals being genuinely friendly. Flying in the morning with a stop at lunchtime for some Spanish food at a local restaurant. Flying continues sometimes late into the evening. Accommodation was amazingly clean and fresh. Safety during training was paramount. I felt confident and safe all of the time. The week just flew by......
An amazing experience.
John Redpath.

John Redpath

Hot and competent

The paragliding curse was very good and the Instructors was both competent and hot.

Niklas Pedersen

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