This service is attractive to a XC pilot.

A morning briefing about today's climate condition explains possibility of the cross-country. Even if we do not understand English for explanation, it is possible to understand the briefing because of watching a image of the Internet. The stuff choose the best area on the day, it is possible to make a flight. All pilots go to the same area. Therefore, we can fly in the areas or can do cross-country.
It is common sense to choose the landing place where it dose not bother a person. It is not difficult to look for a place to land because it is a flat land. The support after a landing is good. We inform the staff of latitude longitude and the road of the name by SMS on the mobile telephone. We walk to a main road. Then they come to pick up by car. I bought an SIM card in Spain to know a road name on the google map and a latitude longitude by a smart phone.
I chose the course of May. It seems to be from 14:00 to 17:00 is a suitable time for XC. We returned to the accomodation approximately after 20:00. The staffs are very openhearted. I could have a wonderful time with the staff and other pilots. I would like to say thank you.


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