Great tuition people experiences and flight :D

Right from the first days training Jose and Beatriz give a reassuring professional knowledgeable air about them, even before you get to see there absolute mastery of the paraglider itself, the level these guys fly at is ridiculously high , which hopefully you'll get to see first hand if you take the plunge! Myself and 2 friends had an amazing introduction to paragliding feeling at all times that safety is paramount and you always feel that no matter what the guys will always know what to do and tell you in simple precise and easy to do actions, by 3 days in you'll be tackling high take offs with confidence in yourself and your instructors...we have all booked to come back and do the CP course in September which cannot come fast enough, the village the people around Algodanales the vibe and the whole package was above anything I expected i'm still glowing with amazement at the feeling of being in the air safe and getting great flight times and confidence building tuition, cannot recommend enough thanks guys for a great experience!

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