Paragliding Holidays Algodonales

Paragliding Holidays Algodonales


Guided tour to the best paragliding spots around Algodonales, Spain.

For qualified pilots with more than 25 hours.

Duration: 6 days (7 nights accommodation optional).

Book now. Pay later! No prepayment or deposit needed.

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Guided Holidays for paragliding pilots at Algodonales, southern of Spain

We offer paragliding tours at Algodonales and the surrounded areas; a paragliding guide service and thermal tuition which will allow you to maximise your time flying the best sites.

You won't waste time trying to find the best places to fly every day; We have more than twelve different flight spots in our radio of action. We fly not only in the mountains, but also in the coast, and we don't mind to drive two hours to the place with the best weather if necessary!

We don’t want to be a simple “taxi driver” just for driving and to show you where the landing field and the takeoff spot are. There are already some people who can do that... We want to go beyond and do it better.
In the daily briefings, we check together with the best weather forecast websites in the giant screen of our classroom, we visit the landing areas before flying and we advise you about the local flying in each site. Our guided tours are run by experienced instructors who’s interest is not just with those pilots that fly the furthest, but they take an active interest in the ability and progress of everyone in the group.

You will benefit from the local knowledge of the instructors. Most of the paragliding foreigners guides and instructors come here just for a few months, during the winter season, and after that, they go back home... but our staff are Spanish. We were born here and we have learned to fly in these mountains. We know our place.



Because in Spain we have the best climate conditions for paragliding the whole year round, even in autumn and winter while the rest of Europe is frozen we can fly great thermals at 20ºC!

The mountains around Algodonales are one of the best paragliding spots in southern Spain and one of the most popular in Europe. During the spring it is a great thermal site and has good cross-country potential, even for your first XC flight. But it is also an easy place for beginners, full of big landing areas.

The coast is just one hour away and offers two other easy coastal flying sites above sand dunes.

Not only will you be flying but you will be enjoying the culture and the real people of Spain. Algodonales is also ideally situated for visiting the surrounding great cities and sights of interests such as Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera, Costa de la Luz and Costa del Sol.




Guidance with professional instructors.

  • Daily meteo briefing and Site briefings.
  • Shuttle to the flying sites & retrieves: we can fly in more than 10 different spots. We don't mind to move to another area if it is necessary due weather conditions.
  • Airport transfers, included* (please, read terms & conditions)


Accommodation (optional)

Accommodation is not included in the price, but you can make your reservation with us for free. No pre-payment or deposit needed.

Why it's not included? Because we don't want to increase the prices with something that maybe you don't need; maybe you are traveling in a camping-car or maybe you prefer to find a hotel by yourself.

We work with several local hostels and houses so you can get cheaper prices booking through us. Most of the accommodations that you can find at Algodonales are based in self-catering houses with shared rooms, but we also offer private houses for couples or families. All the houses have wifi, bed sheets, towels and kitchen facilities.



For this tour, you must be a pilot rated leastways FAI Para Pro3, BHPA Club pilot, APPI Pilot, or equivalent, with a minimum of 25 hours, and totally autonomous for taking off, flying and landing.

(If you are a novice or a rusty pilot and you need help and supervision of instructors, then please book in the Paragliding Coaching course for Low air-time Pilots.)

  • You should have a Flight License and a Third Party Insurance specific for paragliding. Bring it with you.
  • Before coming, You should have a Travel Accident Insurance with full rescue/repatriation cover.
  • Bring your Flight Equipment, with reserve parachute, helmet, Walkie VHF 2m and mobile phone. It is possible to hire with us a full flying kit or any elements.

The briefings are in English or Spanish. You must understand at least one of these languages.


Accident insurance

Accident insurance is NOT included in the price of the paragliding tours or holidays.

You should have a Travel Accident Insurance, specific for paragliding, with full rescue/repatriation cover. If you don't have one, you will assume to pay for any medical costs in case of an accident.

If you are a citizen of the EU, bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This entitles you to reduced-cost, sometimes free, medical treatment.



Make your reservation now, without any payment.
You can assure your place with a deposit later, at any moment. No cancellation fee up to 30 days before the arrival date.



NOVEMBER 3-10, 2018, NOVEMBER 10-17, 2018, JANUARY 26-FEBRUARY 2, 2019, FEBRUARY 2-9, 2019, FEBRUARY 23-MARCH 2, 2019, MARCH 2-9, 2019, MARCH 23-30, 2019, MARCH 30-APRIL 6, 2019, APRIL 13-20, 2019, APRIL 20-27, 2019, APRIL 27-MAY 4, 2019, MAY 18-25, 2019, JUNE 8-15, 2019

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