Let’s work together

Let’s work together


For instructors and paragliding schools with a group of students working in parallel with our staff.

Algodonales. Spain.

Includes one or two weeks, accommodation, transfers from/to airpot.

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Service for professional schools

For many years we have been working together with paragliding schools, helping them to teach their students. They come with us because the weather is better here in southern Spain than in their countries, especially in winter and autumn,  and they can qualify students in one or two weeks.

Would like to do the same? Here's how it works: you bring your students and we provide you with all that you need to work here in Spain. You will be in charge of the course, but our instructors can help you if you need it.

Because we know that you have a short time to complete your paragliding courses, we put all our effort in squeeze the time with you.

  • Mini-paragliders: Too much wind for flying? No worries… we won’t lose that time; with our mini-wings of 13 m2 surface, the students can practice ground handling even if the wind is strong!
  • We have a private flying site where you can work in a quiet environment and the students can fly without too many other pilots around.
  • You will benefit from the local knowledge of our instructors.


We are an approved and accredited paragliding school by FAI, RFAE, APPI and BHPA. This is a guarantee that we are professionals.




Because in Spain we have the best climate conditions to fly paragliding the whole year-round, especially in winter; while the rest of Europe is frozen, we can fly great thermals at 18-20ºC!

The mountains of Algodonales are one of the best paragliding spots in southern Spain and one of the most popular in Europe, especially in autumn and winter. It is also an easy place for beginners, full of big landing areas.

The coast is just one hour away and offers two other easy coastal flying sites above sand dunes.



All that you need for working here... just bring your toothbrush!

  • Professional instructors to help you. You won't need to bring any instructor with you (if you want...)
  • Classroom with wifi and a big screen projector.
  • Full certified flight equipment for the students, in excellent conditions, including radio and reserve.
  • Accommodation included, in shared double room with twin beds. You can also choose a single room or extra nights.
  • Shuttle to the flying sites & retrieves: we can fly in more than 10 different spots. We don't mind to move to another area if it is necessary due weather conditions.
  • Airport transfers, included



Accommodation is included in the price of our paragliding services.

Most of the accommodation that you can find at Algodonales are focused on paragliding pilots, and they are based in shared double rooms in a house with kitchen facilities. Anyway, you can choose a single room or you can add extra nights during the online booking process.




Please contact us for a personal service and to get a quote.

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