Oops!… We did it again!

We had excellent weather here in Algodonales during the first week of our Elementary Pilot course two weeks ago. It was 22ºC! Pilots flying in shorts in November! The students made 11 high flights, some of them in smooth lift.

In the second week the weather just got better! While the temperature got lower, it was sunny every single day and the North, North-east wind made it possible to fly at Montellano and Ronda la Vieja (our private flying site which is perfect for beginners).

More incredible than the weather was that we broke our personal record for an Elementary Pilot course: 18 high flights for each student, more than 2 accumulated hours of flying in dynamic life, and 3 top landings. With our new training system, we work with a small group of 3-4 students. It means that we can spend more time with each student and that increases the amount of flights they can have while in the course.


One morning we tested our theory by comparing the number of flights students were making between the schools flying that day. Our school made three rounds of flights in the same amount of time that other schools made one and a half.

In our opinion, the key thing is the dual tandem flights with the instructors: this helps students learn quickly, but very well at the same time. After a few tandem flights, the students are ready for safe, solo flights.

The rest of the pilots in the group had big smiles on their sun-burned faces by the end of the week. Especially Andre, who flew more than 22 hours in two weeks… in late November.




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