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ZERO GRAVITY PARAPENTE is the name of our company, and it is also the name of our Paragliding School in Algodonales (Spain).

Years ago, when Algodonales started to become a popular destination for paraglider pilots, especially during winter and autumn season, we thought that it could be a good idea to offer our services for them. So, we created PARAGLIDING SPAIN, our sister company.

Nowadays, we are an International Paragliding School and Flight Center which provides hundred of visitor pilots all they need to enjoy their holidays in Spain.

Why Flying by Locals?

We are in Spain, and we are Spanish guys in love with these mountains and proud of the place we live. Some foreign paragliding companies come to here only for the winter season, but we learned to fly here, we are made here, and we know our place.

Of course, we know the flying sites and the sky, but we also know the best places to eat tapas, to drink the sweetest tinto de verano or where to celebrate a fantastic flying day with an ice cold beer.

Our team: Professional instructors

We have put together our knowledge and experience to build up a team a of professional paragliding instructors that provides an excellent service for our clients. We all come to work every day because we love what we do… and we love flying.

Our Guarantee

Our paragliding school is recognized by several of the most importants aerial federations and associations, which means that we satisfy the necessary requirements to be memberships. This is the guarantee for our students and pilots that they are in good hands.

Our paragliding school belong to the Spanish Aerial Federation (RFAE), and it is recognized as an official paragliding school in Spain.
Of course, as members of RFAE, we are integrated in the International Aerial Federation, so we can provide internationally recognized rating cards (IPPI cards) to the PG Pilots.
We are members of the Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors. APPI is an international network of schools and flight centers all around the World. The APPI Educational System is one of the best and more complete.
Our school is recognized by the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association(BHPA), which means that we satisfy all the necessary requirements for teaching and qualify students with the BHPA educational system.

Our Services

All that you need to enjoy your visit to Algodonales

Our school is located at the main central square of Algodonales, and we offer to our clients all that they need to enjoy their holidays.

  • Paragliding courses for beginners
  • Paragliding coaching for low air-time pilots
  • Guided Holidays for pilots
  • Cross Country Training Camps
  • Paragliding Tours
  • Dual Paragliding Flights
  • Paragliding Shop at Algodonales
  • Parachute Reserve re-pack service
  • Paragliding Workshops
  • Accommodation for pilots

We are dealers of different paragliding brands (Gin, Sol, Windtech, Axis, Sup Air,...) that we sell in our shop.

Our Team

  • Jose Ramon Perez

    Chief Paragliding Instructor. Tandem Pilot. Flying since 1991. >> At first Jose was a civil engineer… but he was also a paragliding pilot fully motivated to become an Instructor. He spent a long time flying in competitions. One thing led to another and some years later this fortunate turn of events has to lead him to have his own paragliding Continue Reading

  • Javier Garcia

    Paragliding Instructor. Tandem Pilot. Flying since 2001. >> Javi loves to surf, cats, and “bodybuilding”. But he is also good in the kitchen! You must try his Moroccan sweets or his cookies… but to be honest, his macrobiotic salad tastes bad. Fortunately, he is a very good paragliding tandem pilot and the healthiest instructor that we have in our staff.

  • Pablo Andreu

    Paragliding Instructor. Tandem & Acro Pilot. Flying since 2006. >> Pablo is the young boy of our crew… but this doesn’t mean that the other members are old guys at all… ok? His favorite toy is a paraglider, but he also loves the electric guitar & drums… so, his neighbors are very happy when he goes flying.

  • Jose Javier Chavero

    Paragliding Instructor. Tandem Pilot. Flying since 1991. >> When Jose Javier is not being a jerk by forgetting to switch on his Go Pro camera during dual flights, he enjoys sailing his boat. On the other hand, he is one of the best paragliding instructors that we know and, because of this, we love him.

  • Luisma

    Paragliding Instructor. Tandem Pilot. Flying since 2009. >> Luisma was one of our students and we did a good job teaching him to fly because some years later he has become in one of our instructors!


An Andalucian Paragliding Experience

Breathtaking landscape, traditional Spanish food,and friendly professional instructors. The mountains were amazing, its the first thing that you notice when you get to Algodonales. The night life consisted of real Spanish food and drink with the locals being genuinely friendly. Flying in the morning with a stop at lunchtime for some Spanish food at a local restaurant. Flying continues sometimes late into the evening. Accommodation was amazingly clean and fresh. Safety during training was paramount. I felt confident and safe all of the time. The week just flew by......
An amazing experience.
John Redpath.

John Redpath

The best way to spend a week

Easily the best way to spend 2 weeks of your life I can imagine. Living in an awesome little town where the beer costs nothing, surrounded by new friends and the greatest invention of all Tapas! The instructors were amazing, the flying sites were so epic that we all had to keep pinching our selves to make sure we weren't actually asleep. I made a little video if you want to see what the flying is like. Can't recommend it enough!!!


Nathan Root

Forth Trip to Algo

I just completed my forth trip to Algodonales with Zero Gravity and it's been fantastic as always. Jose and Pablo were great hosts and I always learn a huge amount from them. I can't stop thinking about about my next trip with them in 2015!

Matt Curgenven

Great trip!

Just finished para1 and 2.still buzzed. Am 52 years old (shush) and found the course was exactly what i thought. If like you have a genuine fear of heights this is for u. Slowely slowely no pressure. Guys Pablo and Jose are calm and understanding with slow guys like myself. My advice is go for it. Its a nice way to stay in a village in the spanish mountains and although you get your own space in the accomadation you are part of a group. Village resturaunts are cheap cheap cheap.Again go for it. Bollox you only live once. A paddy

anthony o connor
athlone risk managemeny

Great Flying with a Great Team!

We flew with Zero Gravity as part of a UK based group in autumn 2012. Algodonales offers a world class flying environment suitable for all levels of pilot ability and ambition. Jose and his team at Zero Gravity have the local knowledge and experience to really make the most of the place whether it be XC, coastal soaring or hill flying. He will get you in the air when others have given up! Our accommodation in Algo was excellent – spacious and close to the centre of town. We are going back in 2013!

Iain James

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