ZEROGRAVITY paragliding centre. Avenida de la Constitución, 44. Algodonales. Spain. T: +34 615372554.

Well, you have booked with us…

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If you come to Spain by plane, buy your flight tickets. Remember, the nearest airports are Malaga, Sevilla, and also Jerez.


We provide airport shuttle for free only from Malaga airport, on arrival scheduled date and for a minimum of 3 people arriving at similar time (normally around 13.30h).

If you take your flight back to home very early you probably will need a private taxi to go to the airport.  We recommend to fly back after 13h00 in order to take our shuttle to Malaga.

Please, fill the online form to get the shuttel

Getting to Algodonales by bus or hire car


If you haven’t booked accommodation yet, you can do it from our website. We offer a variety of lodgings with different prices. Click here to Book Accommodation online

How to contact with your host?

If you have accommodation already, please get the address of your lodging here, and contact with the host two hours before your expected arrival time. Please send a SMS (text) with the following message:
Hi. I am (your name here). I will arrive to Algodonales at (time here). Thanks” or if you want to do it in spanish,”Hola, soy (name here). Llegare a Algodonales a las (time here). Gracias

APARTAMENTOS MENDOZA. Address: Avenida de Andalucía, 25. Algodonales. CP 11680. Spain
Telephone: Mr. Francisco +34 610 73 19 77

CASA BRIGIDA: Address: Calle Zahara de la Sierra, 11. Algodonales. CP 11680. Spain
Telephone: Mr. Rai +34 722 37 93 51 or Mr. Paco +34 653 21 46 66.


You should have an accident insurance, full rescue/repatriation cover – specific to paragliding. If you don’t have one, you will assume to pay for any medical costs in case f accident.

For citizens members of EU, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles you to reduced-cost, sometimes free, medical treatment that becomes necessary while you’re in a European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland. EHIC full info here. Some Insurance Companies:


We will meet you at our shop on satruday night (approx. 20h30) for a dinner with the group.

Our address: ZERO GRAVITY. Paragliding Spain Shop (Address: Avenida de la Constitución, 44. Algodonales).

The welcome briefing will be on Sunday morning at 9h00 at our place. Please bring everything you need for the day… adequate comfortable clothing and a jacket (It can be cold at the top of a mountain). and walking boots, ideally with ankle support. Bring a sun hat, sun cream, sun glasseswater & pack lunch it is a good idea!

What is the daily schedule?

We start at 9:00h with theory lessons for students. There is a briefing with the students, pilots and instructors at 10:30h.After the daily briefing, we go to fly.
The flight sites are around 30 minutes to one hour by car from Algodonales.
We spend the whole day on the mountais (or the coast) flying, up to sunset.
On our return to the town, most of the people have a dinner together.

Flying License & Insurance

If you want to join any of the associations, as FAI, APPI or BHPA, in order to get the flying license and insurance with them you should pay the fee. This is not mandatory for the beginners course in the stages 1&2 and We will inform you abot the prices when you are here (approx. 120 euros yearly).


If you are a student please visit the website of APPI, or the BHPA for british residents.

APPI Association of Paragliding Pilots & Instructors

BHPA British Hang glider and Paraglider Association 

FOR STUDENTS: Download the beginners training guide
bhpa-elemantary-pilot-training-guideIf you are a student booked in any of our beginners courses, please download the “Elementary Pilot Training Guide”.

The guide has been edited by the Brithish Han Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA)  but it is useful for any beginner.

Please print the guide, or download to your tablet, and bring it with you during the course.


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