Southern Spain Paragliding Flight Locations

Algodonales and the rest of flying sites around it are one of the best areas in Europe for paragliding. Here you will find the best weather, specially in autumn and spring, but you can fly all the year... even in winter!
There are different kind of flights you can make here: we have big mountains, easy ridges for soaring and a sand dune on the beach,
It does not matter if you are a beginner or and expert paragliding pilot, here you can find good flying sites and there are easy and huge landing areas for beginners, and easy and understandable XC flights.

Our paragliding school is in Algodonales, based 30-45 minutes from any local flying sites.


  • Location: Algodonales - Cadiz - Spain
  • Wind directions: North, North-East, North-West, West, East, South, South-East, South-West
  • Altitude: 800-1.025 m ASL
  • Access: any kind of vehicle
  • Pilot level: Any level. The official west landing field is not good for beginners, but there are easier landing options.

Algodonales is  one of the best flying areas of Southern Spain and one of the most popular in Europe, especially in autumn and winter, when the conditions for flying are still good. Our paragliding school is based right here. It is a great thermal site and has good cross country potential, even for pilots wo are looking for their first XC flight... it is an very easy place, full of landing areas.


  • Location: Ronda - Malaga - Spain
  • Wind directions: North, North-West, South.
  • Altitude: 800 m ASL
  • Access: any kind of vehicle
  • Pilot level: Any level.

"Ronda la Vieja" is the name that the locals call to the place where the Roman town of Acinipo was. Nowadays, You can fly over the ruins of the theater. It is one of our favourite sites for teaching beginners. Here they can make easy top to bottom flights and it is ideal for the first soaring flights or top landing training.

This is a private site. You have to contact with the local Club or with ZEROGRAVITY PARAGLIDING SCHOOL  before flying here. The security of a private flying site allows us to ensure safe paragliding tuition without limitation of having to share the space with other pilots.


  • Location: El Bosque - Cadiz - Spain
  • Wind directions: West, North-West.
  • Altitude: 500 m ASL
  • Access: any kind of vehicle (+10 minutes hiking)
  • Pilot level: Any level.

El Bosque is situated on the edge of the Grazalema Natural Park, so if you take altitude you will enjoy the fantastic views of these beautiful mountains.
The flying conditions are so good here that the locals talk about "la magia de El Bosque" (The El Bosque magico)... when the wind is too strong for flying at Algodonales it is probably not bad here!


  • Location:  Almonte - Huelva - Spain
  • Wind directions: South-West.
  • Altitude: 30 m ASL
  • Pilot level: Any level.

What to say about this place?... just a paradise for your senses: the sea, the beach, the marine breeze,... and 20 kilometers of sand dunes for flying!



  • Location: Teba - Malaga - Spain
  • Wind directions: North, North-West, East.
  • Altitude: 200 m ASL
  • Access: any kind of of vehicle
  • Pilot level: Any level.

Have you flown in a town ever?... here, you can: the takeoff spot is located just at the end of the street. This place is ideal for beginners; they can make a lot of top to bottom flights because the driving to the takeoff from the landing area takes just five minutes, and the landing field is massive.
It is a also a good place for soaring, but you must be careful if you fly very high because you can find some big planes on the way to Malaga airport.



  • Location: Montellano - Sevilla - Spain
  • Wind directions: North-East.
  • Altitude: 300 m ASL
  • Pilot level: Any level.
  • From september 2016 it is necessary to get permission for using the take off and landing areas from any local school or company.

When the wind blows from the NE, everybody goes to Montellano... this flying site is usually very busy, because there are not more places around to fly with this wind direction.
There are two takeoffs: the lowest is only 20 meters high, but the lift works very well when the wind is strong.
The landing fields are private and it is forbidden to land on them during the crop season (top landing is possible).
With the good conditions, some Xc flights are possible here and, if you do the right things, you could finish your flight on the beach at Sanlucar de Barrameda, drinking a glass of manzanilla and eating the best prawns in the world.

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