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Club Pilot PLUS & Low Air-time Pilots


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SEPT 16-23, 2017 Available
SEPT 23-30, 2017 Available
OCT 7-14, 2017 Available
OCT 14-21, 2017 Available
NOV 4-11, 2017 Available
NOV 11-18, 2017 Available



FOR WHO? For Qualified Pilots with less than 50 flight & 25 hours air-time, or “rusty pilots” who needs a refresher course

DURATION: 6 days, from morning to sunset

ACCOMMODATION, 7 nights included in the price

The Club Pilot PLUS Course (also called Post Club Pilot course) is ideal for any low-airtime pilots who need coaching and to develop their flying skills in a safe and friendly environment, after they have finished the Club Pilot course. It is also a good choice for “rusty pilots” looking for to come back to paragliding after a long break.

The purpose of this course is to improve your flying skills with  a customized training program for each pilot; Our experienced instructors will give you daily tasks and they will keep an eye on you.

The exceptionally beautiful area of Algodonales, at Southern Spain, has easy flying sites, big landing areas and smooth evening flying conditions.

best-paragliding-schoolWhat’s different about us?

Time flies… We too! You want to squeeze your air-time. We know.

Most of the paragliding companies here offer guiding service for pilots. That’s good for pilots with experience, but if you need something more than just a shuttle to the take off site, then our instructors can help you.

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  • PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAM: Every pilot is different; because this, the refresher paragliding course is customized for each one. We have a personal interview with each pilot on the first day; You can tell us what you want to practice or to improve during the week with us, and we will design a customized training program for you.
    You can practice: Reverse launch, Big-Ears, Speed system, Simulated Asymmetric collapse, Active Flying, Soaring in dynamic lift, Thermalling, Cross Country initiation, Approach & landings,…
  • club-pilot-plus-coach-paragliding-spainMINI-PARAGLIDERS: Too much wind for flying? No worries… we won’t lose that time; with our mini-wings 13 m2 surface you can practice ground handling even if the wind is strong.
  • We have a private flying spot where you can fly without too many other pilots around. It is ideal for soaring in a quiet environment and for the top-landing practice.
  • You will benefit from the local knowledge of the instructors. Our staff are spanish. We were born here and we have learnt to fly on these mountains for the last 20 years. Most of the paragliding foreigners guides and instructors come here just for a few months, during the winter season, and after that, they go back home.
  • CLINICS: in the event that you lose half a day because of bad weather, we organize clinics that you can find interesting, as “How to fold your parachute reserve?”, “How to control asymmetric collapses?”, “Cross Country tips”,…
  • DUAL FLIGHTS: If necessary, you can fly with your instructor in a dual paraglider and you can learn how to make spiral dives, cross country technics or anything else that you need.


  • You must be a pilot rated leastways FAI Para Pro3, or BHPA Club pilot, or APPI Pilot or equivalent
  • You should have a Flight License and a Third Party Insurance specific for paragliding.
  • Bring your completed flight equipment, with Reserve parachute, helmet, Walkie VHF 2m and Mobile phone. It is possible to hire with us a full fliying kit or any elements.
  • Travel Insurance: Before coming, You should have an accident insurance with full rescue/repatriation cover. If you don't have one, you will assume to pay for any medical costs in case of accident.
  • If you are a citizen of the EU, bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This entitles you to reduced-cost, sometimes free, medical treatment.
english-spainsh-paragliding-courses The briefings are in English or Spanish. You must understand at least one of these languages


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  • Meteo briefing & Site briefings
  • Shuttle to the flying sites & retrievals: we can fly in more than 10 different spots. We don't mind to move to another area if it is necessary due weather conditions. Of course, we also will pick you up after you have landed.
  • Airport transfers, included ([sg_popup id="3" event="click"]terms & conditions[/sg_popup])
  • Accommodation, 7 nights included in shared double room, with twin beds. You can also choose a single room or extra nights during the booking process.


7 nights accommodation are included in the price of our paragliding courses and tours. Most of the accommodation that you can find at Algodonales are focused on paragliding pilots, and they are based in shared double rooms in a house with kitchen facilities. Anyway, you can choose a single room or you can add extra nights during the online booking process.
If you are still wondering why you should come to southern Spain for paragliding, please, visit this section...
Find answers to the most frecuent questions about our courses, tours, paragliding,...
Get here more information about our flying sites: altitude, wind direction and pilot's level required for each one... you can also watch some pics and videos.
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