ZEROGRAVITY paragliding centre. Avenida de la Constitución, 44. Algodonales. Spain. T: +34 615372554.

Beginners Paragliding Courses


FOR WHO? For total beginners and students

DURATION: 6/12 days, from early morning to sunset



NO deposit or prepayment needed.

  • You will see availability after choice. Listed dates are arrival & departure dates

Learn to fly… Easy and Fun!

rfae-fai-appi-bhpa-logosWe are an approved and accredited paragliding school by FAI, RFAE, APPI and BHPA, which means that we can certify and apply licenses recognised worldwide.
We also enable us to offer BHPA courses and qualifications for british residents who are required to have a BHPA licence to fly in UK.

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Paragliding course scheme

Stages 1&2 | APPI Open Sky | BHPA Elementary Pilot

850 €Book Now

The paragliding course FAI Para Pro Stages 1&2 (also called Elementary Pilot by the BHPA, or Open Sky Pilot by the APPI) is an extremely fun paragliding course for complete novices. No previous experience is needed.

This course is the first qualification, and upon successful completion you will be qualified to fly, but under the supervision of an instructor. To get certified to fly alone and unsupervised, you need to complete the next Stage 3 (BHPA Club Pilot Course, APPI Adventure Pilot).

At southern Spain you will take advantage of the excellent weather conditions for maximum air-time. We are able to guarantee you will complete your Stages 1&2 syllabus in under a week.

Stage 3 | APPI Adventure | BHPA Club Pilot

850 €Book Now

This FAI Para Pro Stage 3 course carries on from the Stages 1&2.
The aim of this 6 days course is that you can leave the school as a qualified Club Pilot, certified to fly a paraglider alone and be able to get insured.

Also, if you come from another paragliding school or if you are desperately trying to finish your CP course, we can help you in sunny Spain!


OFFER! Combined Full Stages 1&2+3 | APPI Pilot | BHPA Club Pilot

1.600 €Book Now
From complete beginner to qualified paraglider pilot.

You can also do the full 2 weeks Combined Stages 1+2+3 course which is the quickest way to learn to paraglide and finish with a qualification that allows you to fly unsupervised.

best-paragliding-schoolWhat’s different about us?

FAST LEARNING SYSTEM: faster, safer, funnier!

Because we know that our students have a short time for learning to fly, we have developed a fast learning system with all our best resources.

Know more here...

  • faster-safer-best-paragliding-course-beginnersDUAL FLIGHTS: The initiation course paragliding will surprise you with its pedagogical approach based on dual tandem flight. You will make high flights from the first day; you will take the controls, you will be the pilot!… but with your instructor seated behind you. This is the best way to learn; no doubt!. The traditional method is based in making hops and short flights from a low hill (…the students must climb the hill walking), and doing only a few high flights at the end of the course. This often takes a longer time to achieve the same level.
  • After a few dual flights with your instructor, you will be ready to fly alone under supervision of two instructors (one on the take-off and another on the landing area) who will give you instructions by radio.
  • MINI-PARAGLIDERS: we use small wings for ground handling practice, so the students can practice with light winds and also with stronger winds.
  • We have a private flying spot where you can fly without too many other pilots around. It is ideal for beginners and for your first flights in dynamic lift!
  • You will benefit from the local knowledge of the instructors. Our staff are spanish. We were born here and we have learnt to fly on these mountains for the last 25 years. Most of the paragliding foreigners guides and instructors come here just for a few months, during the winter season, and after that, they go back home.
  • Small group size: 4-6 students per course. We can spend more time with each one.
  • We use modern media methods, based on videos and animations that makes the theory lessons easy and quick to understand.


  • Travel Insurance: Before coming, you should have an accident insurance, with full rescue/repatriation cover. If you are a citizen of the EU, bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, more info here). This entitles you to reduced-cost, sometimes free, medical treatment.
  • Your Health: paragliding requires a certain level of fitness. If in doubt, please consult your doctor.


The lessons and briefings are in English or Spanish. You must understand at least one of these languages


Book Now

  • 6 days course with Theory lessons & flight practices
  • Rent of full flying kit
  • Third party Insurance
  • Shuttle to flying sites & retrievals
  • Airport transfers, included (terms & conditions)

  • APPI / BHPA fees, if you want to join as member of these associations (optional)

If you are still wondering why you should come to southern Spain for paragliding, please, visit this section...
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Get here more information about our flying sites: altitude, wind direction and pilot's level required for each one... you can also watch some pics and videos.
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