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FOR WHO? For qualified pilots with more than 50 flights

DURATION: 6 days


  • 17th – 24th JUNE, 2017


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In this S.I.V. course you will learn and practice the essential techniques to control a paraglider in turbulent air and strong thermals, wich are common situations during cross country flights… It can be also the first introduction to acro flights, if you like!

Goals & targets

  • Increase active flying piloting skills
  • Recognize and control incidents in-flight
  • Control the wing in turbulent air
  • To anticipate wing collapse and manage it
  • Learn most common descent manoeuvres
  • Take correct decisions on an in-flight incident
  • Opening the rescue parachute. Handling it after opening


We will have 6 days to complete the course… with this margin of time we are sure that we can achieve the minimum number of flights in each level. You can expect to practice 3-4 exercises in each flight.
If we finish the SIV course and we have extra time, then we will fly in the beautiful fjord and others spots around.

Technical content

The flight training schedule has been designed to be progressive, but it is flexible; you can adapt each flight to your own personal requirements, if you wish.

There are two levels, Basic and Advanced. You can choose to do the Basic level only, or a combined Basic+Advanced, but you cannot take the Advanced level if you haven’t done the Basic level before!

If a pilot don’t want to do any of the manoeuvres, or the instructor thinks that the pilot should not do it, we simply avoid this manoeuvre.

This is the complete manoeuvres plan for the course:

BASIC LEVEL (6 flights)

  • Checking Your Reserve parachute. How to use it
  • Amplitude – brake range
  • Avoidance collision manoeuvre
  • Pitch Control (dolphining)
  • Spirals
  • Asymmetric Tucks
  • Full Frontal Tucks
  • B Line Stall
  • Reserve Deployment (Optional)

ADVANCED LEVEL (3 flights)

  • Accelerated Asymmetric Tucks
  • Accelerated Full Frontal Tucks
  • Full Stalls
  • Spins – negative turn
  • Wingovers (Optional)
  • SAT (optional)

Why in Aurland, Norway?

aurland-norway-paragliding-siv-courseBecause it is quiet: some popular spots for SIV courses (Annecy, Oludeniz, Garda,..) are busy and full of pilots during summer season.

Because in summer you have nearly a window of 20 hours for flying!

Becasue the flight spot is easy: the take off is 850 meters above the lake and only 15 minutes by car from the landing. We dont need to be towed. We can also have relaxing flights ad the end of the day.

Because it is beautiful: watch a video here…

Trip to Aurland, Norway

aurlandprestviewThe best option is probably to fly to Bergen airport Flesland ( BGO ), which is 2h50 from Aurland by car.

Oslo airport is 4h30 away by car.

We can provide shuttle for the group if there are a minimum of 5 pilots arriving & departing to/from Bergen.



aurland-norway-paraglidingWe will rent a house for the group shared by the pilots and the instructors, , with kitchen facilities, near the landig field and the fiord.

Accommodation is not included in the price of the course.

The price is 20 euros/night/person

Meals are not included.

There is also a camping with cabins for 4 people by 55 euros/night (optional, if you want your private cabin).


  • You must be a qualified paragliding pilot with more than 50 flights and not more than one year without flying.
  • You must have a flying license (leastways FAI Para Pro3, or BHPA Club pilot, or APPI Pilot or equivalent) and to have a Third Party & Accident and Rescue Insurances especific for paragliding.
  • Bring your completed flight equipment, with Reserve parachute, helmet, Walkie VHF 2m
  • Travel Insurance: Before coming, You should have an accident insurance, with full rescue/repatriation cover.


The briefings are in English or Spanish. You must understand at least one of these languages


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  • Theory lessons with video support
  • Shuttle to the take-off, from the landing, takes 15 minutes in our van
  • Airport transfers, included for a minimum of 5 pilots from Bergen Airport on the scheduled date
  • You will be provided with life jacket and a water proof radio bag
  • A rescue staff on a boat will be ready in case of landing on water
  • 1 repackage of your parachute reserve, if wet…



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