España, Andalucia, Algodonales....Have become places well known by paragliding

pilots from all over Europe (and I almost now dare to say from a large part of the world!)

I can't really say what has made our part of the world such a great place to paraglide,

but I would imagine that it is a combination of good climate, good mountains, good food

and drink and good people. Which is what has made it so attractive for pilots to come

for a paragliding based holiday. As of today thousands of pilots have visited and keep

visiting our flying sites.

To answer this demand, here at Zero Gravity, we decided to set up Paragliding Spain,

with the aim to offer paragliding courses, guiding services and guided holidays for

paragliding pilots, focusing 100 percent on foreign people.

We wanted to make it as International friendly as possible with the aim of making our

flying center accessible to more people. So our school joined and became members of

various International paragliding federations and associations and we invested in our

accommodation facilities and adapted our course plans to be able to offer Intensive

courses for International pilots of all levels...and we started....

To be honest, when we started to advertise to a wider market, we never imagined that

we would become an International paragliding school. We have had students and pilots

for almost every European Country, and of course, people also came from further afield

including, Australians, Canadians, two from Egypt, one Hindu, one Jamaican and one

from Japan! .....Each time from further afield!

One of our most recent groups, a perfect example as we had 10 different nationalities!

I don’t have to say how Interesting it can be sharing a week with a group like

that...because a paragliding holiday isn’t just about the flying because so many other

moments are shared, talked about, learned. It’s almost like a type of multicultural

tourism. If you add to that how we Spanish like to show people from other Countries

our culture and land, it’s not hard to see why we really do enjoy our work so much.

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