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Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find some answers to put your mind at rest,… For further information telephone or email us.


What is paragliding?
Paragliders look vaguely like parachutes as these are from where they evolved. However, they are very much more. Paragliding is now at a very exciting stage in its development, from being just a fun method of decent from hills, Paragliding now offers the pilot the sensation of true free flight for hours upon hours. Using modern high performance materials a canopy only weighs about 7kg and packs neatly into a rucksack. This makes this “aeroplane in a bag” totally portable and can complement other sports such as skiing and mountaineering.
Why learning in Spain?
In Spain we have a great climate, beautiful mountains and warm winds, just what you need for your perfect flying holiday. We also have good food, wine, incrediable scenery and a lot to offer in the way of tourism. Our idea is to mix these and base them around a holiday flying in a paraglider. Our great climate allows you to fly all year round. For that reason, in a one or twe week holiday you can complete courses that would take months else where. It is likely to be more cost effective to take a holiday with us in our variety of flying sites compared to travelling back and forth to your local paragliding area. You will also travel, get to know new places, different people and all at affordable prices. Learning Spanish? Why not… you may practicse your spanish with us as well!
What if we get really bad weather?
You can be sure that we never give up! If the weather is bad in our area, we are going to move to a different one, with better weather. There are more than ten different flying spots in a radio of 150 km around Algodonales, at the coast or inland. Anyway, in the very unlikely event that you can not fly because bad weather, we will give you credit towards another course in the future. The bad weather days will be used for either lectures. theory lessons (not only for beginners, we have some lectures for experienced pilots like for example “How to use and pack your parachute reserve”.
Our aim, on all type of beginners courses is to complete as many tasks as possible. If some tasks are not completed, because bad weather or or participants illness or injury, it is possible to complete in a different day, until qualification. If a minimum of 3 days training are not achieved, we will time credit up to a maximum of 3 days, to be taken in the school within 6 months of course commencement.

Any alternative activities in the area?
In the rare event of bad weather and the inability to fly, we have some alternative activities to keep you entertained:

  • Touristic Routes, throughout typical white villages all over the Sierra, with visits to museums, Natural Parks, Gastronomic Stops,…
  • Visits to the nearest cities : Cadiz, Sevilla, Ronda, all of great turistic interest.
  • Archeologic tours. In the nearby areas there are many remains of ancient cultures such as Phoenicians, Romans, Moors…
  • Trekking: There are a lot of routes throught Grazalema’s Natural Park with amazing landscapes, animals and forests.
  • Mountain bike: You can hire bikes to cross the routes through the Natural Park. One of which is an old disused railway with tunnels, bridges, stationts,… and of course always a restaurant to end your ride!
  • Canoe : You can also rent canoes enjoying the nearby lakes of Zahara.
Where do I fly to? Will I be collected?
The local airports are Sevilla, Málaga or Jerez. Ideally you need to fly into the main airport at Malaga, which is the largest airport in the south of Spain and tends to be the cheapest and easiest. We only provide free airport transfers from/to Malaga airport, for groups of minimum 3 persons and on the arrival planned dates (normally on saturdays at 13:00h). If you can not make our transfer times, then you can take a Bus or a Car hire (which is reasonably inexpensive, budget between 50-120 Euros).
Where We Are & How to get here?
Our Paragliding Centre is located at Algodonales, Southern Spain.  Just click here to know how to get here by plane, car or bus
Do I need to hire a car??
You don’t… We provide transport to flying sites and for retrieve. But if you want, you can hire a car for visiting the surrounding areas, for your non-flying partners or if you cannot take on time our airport shuttle. Hiring a car could be the best option, and some times is cheaper than to take a bus! There are several Rental Car Companies which offer a very good prices. You can find cheap offers in their websites. Please check the fuel policies (we always recommend full to full) and insurance options / costs for deposit or top up insurance policies.

We recommend…

doyouspain malagacar hire-car-paragliding-spain

Do I need an insurance?
You must have an accident insurance, full rescue/repatriation cover – specific to paragliding. For citizens members of EU, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles you to reduced-cost, sometimes free, medical treatment that becomes necessary while you’re in a European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland. EHIC full info here. Some Insurance Companies:

What clothes to bring?
You just need to bring adequate comfortable clothing and a jacket (It can be cold at the top of a mountain). and walking boots, ideally with ankle support. Bring a sun hat, sun cream, sun glasses. Bring a swimming costume, as there is a lake that you can canoe or swim; there is a swimming pool in our hostel (summer time).  We provide towels in accommodation.

What is the daily schedule?
We start at 9:00h with theory lessons at the school, and there is a briefing with the students, pilots and instructors around 10:30h.
After the daily briefing, we go to fly.
The flight sites are around 30 minutes to one hour by car from Algodonales.
We spend the whole day on the mountais (or the coast) flying, up to sunset.
On our return to the town, most of the people have a dinner together.
In case of bad weather, we spend more time in theory lessons and we can organize any alternative activity for the group, or anyone can do whatever they want, as a touristic tour, hiking,… or just resting for the next day.
What extra costs can I expect?
Accommodation is NOT  included in  the price of our packs. Breakfasts and other meals are not included in the prices. We offer different options and you can booking online from this website. The price per person and night is approx. 20€. Restaurants and shops at Algodonales are really cheap; for example,a coffee costs 1,20€, a beer by 2€ (50 ml), a breakfast by 2,5€, a dinner by 10€,… Our hostel has a shared kitchen with all facilities, and you can cook your own food if you wish.

Flying License & Insurance: if you want to join any of the associations, as FAI, APPI or BHPA, in order to get the flying license and insurance with them you should pay the fee. This is not mandatory for the beginners course in the stages 1&2 and We will inform you abot the prices when you are here (approx. 120 euros yearly).

On your return home?
Once you have qualified to fly solo you will normally join a paragliding club and fly with more experienced pilots who will help you to progress and share their knowledge.

We will give you a certificate of the course you have completed. We can request an FAI IPPI card (which is an international fly licence that indicates your level), APPI license or BHPA license (for British).

What is IPPI qualification?
Most national flying organisations such as the FFVL (France), BHPA (UK) and RFAE (Spain) are members of the Federation Aeronautique International (FAI). The FAI have created the International Pilot Proficiency Identification (IPPI) scheme to enable qualifications obtained in one country to be recognised in another. In general the training schemes in both i.e. the UK and Spain, follow the guidelines set down by IPPI so the exercises completed under one system should be accepted by the other. The table below shows the IPPI levels and the equivalent qualifications in the UK and Spain. Get all information about IPPI card clicking here.
I am from UK... can I get the BHPA license?
Yes, our schol is recognized by th BHPA. You can get BHPA license on arrival with us. The cost of the licences is not included in the price of the course.
What about non-flying partners…
All are welcome. Algodonales is a beautiful area; There are massive amounts to keep everyone busy while you are flying. horse riding to kitesurfing. picnics & canoeing and beautiful white hillside villages of Andalucia, everything is out there to do and explore. We can organized tandem flights to non flyers. They will need a car, because we cannot guarantee a place for them in our vehicle.
Can I buy a glider?
Our shop is fully stocked with all the equipment you may wish to purchase for flying and all at incredible spanish prices.
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